Net on 2 Meter Repeater- special

146.46 MHz

Tuesdays (NOTE: No Meeting in August- field trips over the summer) we gather for an informal net on the repeater

Tues Eve Net on 2 Meters

146.46 MHz

Check in, try out equipment, say hi and what's happening. We use our 2 Meter Repeater and anyone is welcome to check in.


Net on 2 Meters

146.46 MHz

Our weekly check-in net on the DSRC 2-meter repeater

Weekly 2-Meter Net

146.46 MHz

Join net control AK2S for an informal net to share updates and test out radios.

Second Tuesday Two Meter Net

146.46 MHz

Set your radio to the DSRC repeater, and give your call and name when net control (usually AK2S) asks for check-ins! Net is informal and open to anyone who wishes… Read More »

ARRL Simulated Emergency Test

From the ARRL: The SET encourages maximum participation by all radio amateurs, partner organizations, and national, state, and local officials who typically engage in emergency or disaster response. In addition… Read More »

Tuesday Evening Net & Experiment

Using our 146.46 MHz repeater, we hold a general purpose net. Then at 8:30 PM we will attempt to QSY to 443.3 MHz and collect signal reports using our newly-refurbished… Read More »

Tues. Eve Net

Using our 146.46 MHz repeater, general purpose net open to all radio amateurs.

Weekly 2 Meter Net

146.46 MHz

All are welcome to the club's weekly net. Please follow Net Control's instructions. The net is open to all radio amateurs able to operate our repeater

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