Soapbox WFD 2021

By | February 22, 2021

COVID-19 kept us from having a “club station” but lots of us got into the spirit of Winter Field Day this year.

K2PAT used a 5 watt HT, and hill-topping at 500' to 600',

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K2PATin the driver's seat

From Our Organizer, Bob, N2EIM:  I made 50 QSOs  (49 cw and 1 ssb) on 20m. I tried vhf and uhf simplex but no responses. I did hear Deb on 146.520 but he didn’t hear me. 

From Karl, KB2FA: First WFD for me. Worked yesterday opening to dusk 1O on 2m simplex. Only made a handful of contacts with half of them being non participant rag chews. 🙂 Still, got 3 logable contacts. (on paper) Planning to use the software from n3fjp that John posted about to create the Cabrillo file and submit for the club.

From Pat, K2PAT: Using a 5 watt HT, and hill-topping at 500′ to 600′, Pat made 2 contacts about 20 miles away in 1 hour and went home. Few contacts but a big pile of bonus points.

From Ben, AC2YD:  I wish I could have earned bonus points for being cold, but that’s my usual station location, using my usual antenna … next project: remote operation!
Used battery power for the QRP rig (including laptop), but household A/C for the 2 heating pads (feet and lap/hands) and 1 space heater for trying to keep me warm. Special credit to the neck gaiter made by my XYL … helped immensely!
Worked 137 QSOs, and even got a good night’s sleep. I have a feeling that I didn’t miss a lot overnight. All on 20m and 40m, the only bands I can use with my Softrock rig … missed out on much higher multipliers if I could have used other bands.
Among the QSOs were 4 that, before Friday, I had no real intention of doing … SSB! 2 on 20m and 2 on 40m, just to get the band/mode multipliers. My little Softrock (with Quisk) “just worked” with the mic built into the laptop … did one trial Friday night, reaching a Texas POTA CQ on the first call! I’m impressed with what SSB can do on 2 watts!
… photo of me this morning trying to stay warm in the “radio shed” (really a walk-in shed for horses, but that’s where my rig is!).

From Rebecca, K3RPM: Anybody out there on 2M simplex? 

From Bob,WA2BSP :Guess my signal Doesn’t make it.

From SKIP, N2EI: And a good time was had by all. 76 casual QRP QSOs across three bands operating 1H. Another WFD in the Log.

From Charlie, N2CTW:  I proved I could get on the air, then pulled the plug, went inside and got warm. 40M SSB and 2M FM