DSRC Meeting

... to be added. This is our last meeting before Pi Day and TCF, so those will be on the agenda. It will also be our first meeting after Winter Field Day, so a review of operations may be included in the program.

Pi Day 3.14.2023

24 hours UTC on 3/14 we celebrate Pi Day (and Albert Einstein's Birth Anniversary) with on-air converation about Pi, and Pie, and Relativity.We will have details of operation coming soon. Mark your calendars!

Trenton Computer Fest (help)

The Trenton Computer Festival will be in-person in 2023 (may it be so). DSRC members help with "Ham Cram", sometimes give presentations, and attend in large numbers!Mark your calendar, and maybe work on a technical talk. You can also view last year's presentations online! https://tcf-nj.org/

DSRC Meeting

Details to be added. We frequently have a speaker or topic for our meetings.

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