Museum Ships Weekend 2023

MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND EVENTsponsored by our good friends atThe Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station Attention! Worldwide museum ship event... 93 museum ships participating... Your goal is to contact at least 15 different ships over two days... all bands, all modes. For more details see:

ARRL June VHF Contest

Contest Objective: For amateurs in the US and Canada (and their possessions) to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. Stations outside the US & Canada (and their possessions) may only work stations in the US (and… Read More »

Net- 2nd Tues

146.46 MHz

Check-in net, informal KB2FA will be net control

June Meeting 2023

Special Guest W6NBC will join us via Webex to give our main presentation. Following that we will make final preparations for Field Day 2023.

ARRL Field Day 2023

David Sarnoff Radio Club participation in the American Radio Relay League's annual Field Day exercise (ARRL Field Day) will involve setting up a number of radio communications stations away from the commercial power grid. This year we will use a site in Somerset County, NJ, off Route 518 near Rocky Hill. Setup will be Saturday… Read More »

4th Tuesday Net (2 Meters)

146.46 MHz

Our first net after Field Day. It might be our chance to share our personal experiences of Field Day... stay tuned.

MS-150 Bicycle Ride – Route monitors

Southern NJ

Two day event run by Multiple Sclerosis Society. See prior year's wrap up for more info. DSRC assists with communications.

NYC Marathon 11/5/2023

Via the site club members volunteer for this massive event. Laura notes: "there is interest in volunteering for the main NY marathon event, please note John F and I volunteered at Mile 19. The sign up may ask what part of the route you’d prefer to be stationed. No guarantee it’s the final assignment,… Read More »

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