DSRC 443.4 Repeater

The David Sarnoff Radio Club is in the process of recommissioning an FM repeater for general Amateur Radio use on Sand Hill in South Brunswick Township, NJ. As of October, 17 2022 the machine is on the air.

Coverage area (green) and fringe for 443.4 repeater. Image created thanks to www.ve2dbe.com

Quick Facts

REPEATER CALLSIGN: Will be “N2RE-Repeater” – audio announcement at frequent intervals

REPEATER OUTPUT: 443.4 MHz FM (deviation is standard for the band, not “narrow channel”)
vertical polarization. Transmitter power at base of antenna is 100 Watts

REPEATER INPUT: 448.4 MHz FM (repeater split is +5 MHz)
Tone Squelch (PL) required to access repeater: 141.3 Hz

LOCATION: On Sand Hill, Route 1 and Major Road,
Monmouth Junction, South Brunswick Township, NJ FN20

USE POLICIES: Open repeater available to all licensed amateurs.
Emergency groups have priority. Please be courteous to others.

COORDINATION: Repeater coordination existed in the past, is being restored. The repeater is listed in most repeater directories under previous callsigns.

Progress so far (Newest first)

November 24, 2023: Repeater has been on the air for a year without problems (knock wood). Receiver sensitivity is somewhat lower than expected. Improvement project will happen sometime…

October 28, 2022: Repeater is down for transmitter repair. May be down for a week.

October 25,2022: Evening club net tested reception of output and ability to reach the repeater input.

  • Cranbury, NJ – Full Quieting, with 75W 90% copy
  • Langhorne, PA – F. Q., with 5W 90% copy
  • Plainsboro, NJ – F. Q., with 5W 90+%
  • Bridgewater, NJ – F.Q. with tower, 40 W F.Q.
  • Waterford, Camden County, NJ – 90% copy, 30 W 90%
  • North Brunswick, NJ – F. Q. with 5W F. Q.
  • Hamilton, Mercer County, NJ – F. Q, both ways
  • Hillsborough, NJ – F. Q with 20W mobile, F.Q.
  • Kingston, NJ – F. Q. with 5 W 80% copy
  • Princeton, NJ – F. Q. with 20W mobile, F.Q.
  • Bordentown, NJ – 90%, with HT 90%

October 17, 2022: N2RE- Repeater is on the air!

After being off the air for an extended period of time, the DSRC is working with South Brunswick Township to restore regular operation of the repeater. Operation may be sporatic during October, 2022, as we enhance the system.

If the repeater is on the air, and not being used for priority communications, any properly licensed amateur radio operator may try it out. As shown on the coverage map, it is especially useful for NJ Turnpike, US 1, Garden State Parkway, and central NJ operation.


In 2022, the club asked to coordinate this repeater because the coverage complements our 2-Meter repeater This provides better communications for our club’s members.

First installed over 20 years ago, the repeater was the brainchild of Phil Martin, WA2WSK(SK) and has operated on Sand Hill for many years. The most recent trustee was KA2RLM .