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  • May 2024 Meeting Wrap-up
    Good Conversation!

    The May meeting of the David Sarnoff Radio Club was a great success. Pre-meeting tailgating party followed these instructions: Bring a hoagie or other food to eat while you chat with other club members. Also bring any items you’d like to get rid of!

    We also had a chance to look at sunspots, both projected by a spotter scope onto paper (as was done by Carrington) and also with a solar filter on a small telescope. There were two groups of three spots visible.

    A Good Selection of Junk!!

    For the main event, Laura, John NU3E, and Charlie N2CTW presented on Solar activity…

    We showed this video

    Talked about Ionograms found at

    and listened to 6 Meter SSB Aurora signals from VA2CST:

    and 2M Aurora CW from Steve Meuse:

    And Charlie reminded us all of that hit from 1956 “Northern Lights” from Songs of the Pogo.

    We also thanked those who have filled out our survey and urged others to complete the survey on Field Day and Summer Activities that was sent out last week (we will send out a reminder e-mail to the list.)

    Hope we have good weather next month, so we can offer up more pre-meeting junk at our tailgating party. And recruit new hams and old to join us for Field Day 2024

  • 2024 ARRL Field Day June 22-23

    David Sarnoff Radio Club to create temporary communications hub in Franklin Township, welcoming new hams

    Setting up station in the field

    Ham radio operators from the David Sarnoff Radio Club, in the Princeton New Jersey area will be participating in a national amateur radio exercise from 2 PM on Saturday until 2PM on Sunday, June 22-23. The event is ARRL Field Day (, an annual amateur radio activity organized since 1933 by ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio in the United States.

    Hams from across North America ordinarily participate in Field Day by establishing temporary ham radio
    stations in public locations to demonstrate their skill and service. Their use of radio signals, which reach
    beyond borders, bring people together while providing essential communication in the service of communities.

    Field Day highlights ham radio’s ability to work reliably under any conditions from almost any location and create an independent, wireless communications network! (this text provided by

    DSRC Plans, as they evolve will be posted to this blog and to our planning page

  • Ben AC2YD’s SDR Progress Report

    At the April meeting of the DSRC Ben Cahill presented “AC2YD 4-Square Transceiver” a “work in progress” report on his Four Square SDR radio project.

    One of the radiation patterns he showed at the talk.

    He shared his “viewgraphs”… Powerpoint… screen shares… Whatever you call them, the .pdf version is available HERE

    He is two years into this project, and there’s lots more to do. We look forward to more progress reports as time goes on

  • Pi Day 2024 in Full Swing

    It may feel like it’s still 3.13, but UTC it’s 3.14!

    Over 400 hits on our pi day webpage so far…

    Club ops are on CW and SSB for the next 24 hours… well, maybe we sleep sometimes. Local stations can listen for n3p on our club FM repeaters as well… you never know! It all qualifies for our snazzy QSL card.

    Learn all about the N3P Special Event Station on our special event page:

  • Pi Day is Coming!! (March 13-14)

    Learn all about the N3P Special Event Station on our special event page:

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