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  • Return to the Red Cross

    The David Sarnoff Radio Club returns to the American Red Cross for meetings starting in September 2023. Thanks to John NU3E, John Wj3P, and Gary K2GW, we are allowed back in to our pre-COVID meeting space.

    The meeting area is a bit smaller, and does not allow food. See this event for details or visit our about page

  • W6NBC Speaks at June Club Meeting

    Our June 2023 club meeting was held in Rocky Hill, NJ and via Webex. Our featured speaker was John Portune, W6NBC and retired engineer/instructor at KNBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles, California. John offers a number of free talks using Zoom or Webex on topics ranging from specialized antennas to RF Shield Current Chokes.

    His topic at the DSRC meeting was:

    Easy to Build Inexpensive “Snooper” Probe for Detecting and Solving Stray RF on Your Coax and in Your Shack Also a revealing little-known new view of baluns. You may be surprised to learn, in this inside look, that they don’t only belong just at the antenna.

    The lecture was not recorded, but the slides are available for download from: Title “RF Shield Current Probe.pdf

    His website also includes an article by John Portune W6NBC and Jim Bailey W6OEK about the probe. The article is available at:

    We thank John for sharing his work with us!

    The meeting also included planning for Field Day!

  • Field Day 2023- first phots

    The first photo is the last photo we took… as we were leaving, we gathered for a group photo…

    Night time is the time for CW.

    Some of the operation was plein air. Buddy Pole worked well enough!

    More photos coming.

  • VHF “QSO Party”

    Five of us gathered to practice setting up stations, with the excuse of the ARRL VHF Contest… formerly known as the QSO Party.

    Ben had a “field day” tuning Cushla’s Buddy Stick antenna on 10 meters. we had to adjust it quite a bit to make it tune. Tried it out on 10 Meters, but made no contacts.

    And learned a lot about antennas.

    We treated it as a party, spending much more time talking, learning to tune antennas using a nanoVNA, talking, shooting ropes over trees, and making a couple of contacts.

    Charlie wanted to try out a 4 element beam using Don’s rig. So we used a ladder as a tower, putting the beam up 30 feet. Thanks to the bravery of those raising the beam!

    We never did get a shot of Norm… but can thank him for the photos! Also, he used a weight launcher to put ropes over two trees, useful for after the contest.


  • Organizing for ARRL Field Day 2023

    The DSRC has begun organizing members and supplies for our entry into ARRL Field Day. The operations have their own page, where details will be posted.

    Here is our page for FD23

    Bob and John work HF Digital at FD2022

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