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  • March “Ham-ness”-Cram, Exam, and Pi

    Get a license, Get an upgrade, Get social, Get pie!

    Ham Cram and License Exam Session @ TCF Saturday March 18th

    Trenton Computer Festival Saturday, March 18th.

    Talks, Classes and tour of The Sarnoff Collection, come see, learn and socialize

    Pi Day 2023 Contact N3P Special Event Station on Monday-Tuesday March 13-14 (all day UTC March 14th… it’s 3.14!) Members operate N3P from Princeton, NJ area, special QSL card.

    David Sarnoff Radio Club Tuesday Evening Nets move to 9 PM on 146.46 MHz. Get social, share plans and progress!

    March DSRC Club Meeting — live and in person (we hope) March 21st at 7:30 Location to be determined.

    David Sarnoff Radio Club Image of David Sarnoff at the Morse Code key.
    Image of David Sarnoff at the Morse Code key, taken when he was a radio operator for the American Marconi Company (early 20th century)

  • PDF Files from Feb 2023 meeting available

    Consider what Ham Radio was 20 years ago… and what we thought it would be like today.

    Hindsight is 2020.. a review of ham radio predictions from 2001 A .pdf file of the slides is available HERE

    The original 2001 paper by Charlie Dieterich, N2CTW as presented at the Trenton Computer Festival 2001 is available HERE This was a part of the festival proceedings.


  • Pi Day Special Event Coming Up 3.14.23 UTC

    Visit our dedicated PI DAY PAGE to learn more about Our 24-Hour EVENT

    March 14, 2023 from 0000-2359 UTC

    (In New Jersey that’s Monday, 3.13.23 evening to Tuesday, 3.14.23 early evening, Eastern Time.)

  • Winter Field Day 2023 Wrap-up

    Our first attempt at “Winter” Field Day, on the last weekend of January, 2023. Seven operators and several helpers from the club made the weekend special! Here are some photos!

    Setting up for Winter Field Day (K2WWF)

    We started setting up three hours before the contest began. Thanks to Cushla and Fran for letting us use their tents! (and Fran for the dining canopy.)

    (Fran, KD2YMX photo)
    WA2EHN, KD2YMX, NG2V take a break (N2CTW)

    Next came the antennas, including a 6 Meter dipole, an Off Center Fed dipole, and a “Mini-G5RV”

    N2VVL, NG2V and N2CTW pull some strings (KD2YMX)
    Off center fed HF dipole up in the trees.
    An Off-Center fed Dipole for 40-10 (K2WWF)
    A new “Mini-G5RV” for upper HF (K2WWF)
    The zip cord 6 meter dipole and OCF dipole (KD2YMX)

    We set up the logging software and got on the air

    Logging in Cushla’s Tent (K2WWF)
    NG2V on HF (K2WWF)

    And time to read the manuals!

    RTFM (K2WWF)

    Antenna tuners are your friends!

    Josh’s tuner helped a lot. (K2WWF)

    As the sun set, Ben AC2YD added a “Mop Handle Vertical” to our collection of antennas.

    The circle of grond wires and Ben AC2YD adjusting the vertical. (WB2WCO)
    The Charlies, WA2EHN and N2CTW on 15 Meters (K2WWF)

    And two CW stations made the bulk of our contact points.

    Ben AC2YD at the key (KD2TCH)
    K2WWF took a video of Ben making a contact

    We worked into the evening, but didn’t have 80/75 Meters, so we gave up when the upper bands died.

    Nighttime for Winter Field Day (K2WWF)
    On 10 Meters KD2TCH and N2CTW (K2WWF)
    K2WWF and KD2TCH on 10 meters (N2CTW)

    Sunday we added a full-sized G5RV and a VHF/UHF antenna and made a few more contacts. But by noon we were starting to pack up.

    Cushla, KD2TCH asks “Who didn’t take their chair?” (N2CTW)

    Thanks to our photographers: Cushla KD2TCH, Laura K2WWF, Charlie N2CTW, Fran KD2YMX and Jeff WB2WCO.

    That’s a wrap.

  • Holiday Party 2022 Photos

    Although the sign for the Flaming Grill was not visible, sixteen members of the club found their way to the buffet this year. Here are some photos from our yankee swap, which followed the meal.

    Don, AK2S asks: What is it?

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