MORE Project Resource Page

This page provides links to materials that we will be using (or may refer to) in the MORE Project to assist with training, licensing, and Get On The Air (GOTA) activities of new Technician amateur radio operators. These links should not be construed as an endorsement of any individual, organization, information or product. Contents of the material at the links are the property of their authors or assignees.


Radio License Exam Practice

  • Randomized tests from the question pool, weighted according to the proportion of items that will appear in the actual exam:
  • HamStudy by SignalStuf is the Website that Ladyada used to practice for her ham exams. She likes it because it can track the questions that you’ve been missing, and will repeat those at various intervals to help you remember the correct answers. Go here to get started:
  • MORE practice exam sites to be added soon!


Quick Reference Materials

Scouting & Amateur Radio


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