MS-150 Bicycle Ride – Route monitors

Southern NJ

Two day event run by Multiple Sclerosis Society. See prior year's wrap up for more info. DSRC assists with communications. The NJ Bike Ride website is HERE And the next weekend there is a one day Delaware one HERE


2023 ARRL SIMULATED EMERGENCY TEST (SET)Both NJ Sections will participate in the 2023 National SimulatedEmergency Test (SET) on Saturday morning, October 14th. The objectiveswill include setting up emergency radio communications and processingtactical and formal messages for American Red Cross shelters duringsimulated severe weather events. DSRC members interested inparticipating please contact Mercer Emergency Coordinator (*EC*)John Pugh… Read More »

NYC Marathon 11/5/2023

Via the site club members volunteer for this massive event. Laura notes: "there is interest in volunteering for the main NY marathon event, please note John F and I volunteered at Mile 19. The sign up may ask what part of the route you’d prefer to be stationed. No guarantee it’s the final assignment,… Read More »

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