Second Tuesday 2 Meter Net

146.46 MHz

All are welcome to join in on our repeater for a check-in style net.

Special 2 Meter Net Night

146.46 MHz

Traditionally we do not meet in person on our usual meeting night in December (see "Holiday Party 2023") But when you are home from shopping, why not check in at… Read More »

2 Meter Net

146.46 MHz

Tuesdays except for meeting night we gather for an informal net on the repeater. Come tell us of your holiday activities in a relaxed atmosphere!

Radio Merit Badge Day 2024

David Sarnoff Radio Club members are invited to help with this Scouting event: It’s the time of year when we recruit Amateur Radio Operators to assist with the annual Radio… Read More »


Winter Field Day 2024

Still in the planning phase.. but mark your calendars!

Pi Day 3.14 UTC (2024)

3.14 is Pi... so 3/14 is Pi Day... Contact us for this special event!

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