Net Control Script (For 2-Meter Net)

The Tuesday 8 PM (now 9 PM) David Sarnoff Radio Club two-meter net has evolved since 2020. Don, AK2S came up with a standard format for net operations, and we have continued it weekly since then. Here’s a rough script for those wondering how to be Net Control.

One aspect of club membership is learning how to do different things. Consider volunteering to be Net Control some Tuesday. Until then, practice writing down callsigns and names “just like net control does” and become comfortable with which stations regularly check in to the net, and how to copy down calls from the phonetic alphabet.

Many times our net control has asked the simple questions: 1) What have you been doing with ham radio? and 2) What are you planning for the near future? We have also sometimes included a third round for making particular comments or announcements. This can change. We add a question like “Do you plan to come to _____ club activity?” sometimes. It is up to you.

This could be your station, but it’s actually K3RPM at the Battleship New Jersey NJ2BB

Things Net Control often says:

At just before 8 PM 9PM:

“This is [your callsign] does anybody need the repeater before we begin our evening net?”
(wait 20 seconds, or until the conversation is finished)

8 PM 9PM or as soon after as possible:

“This is [your callsign] with the David Sarnoff Radio Club Net, the net meets at 8 PM NINE PM on Tuesday evenings. Any amateur is welcome to join us.  At this time I will stand by for check ins, please call net control, [your callsign] with your call and name”

Stations will then call in to the repeater. Some wait a second or two to make sure they don’t “double” with another station. Net control should wait for folks to reply with a check in, and leave about 5 seconds after the last station calls, then for each call you wrote down say:

“Ok, we have (callsign.) Good evening (name)” give all calls you copied in sequence. If you did not get a name, you can repeat their callsign and then ask “can I have your name?”

If you heard some garbled calls, list them after, one at a time:

“I heard a call ending in [NOVEMBER?] please call again.” etc. Remember some signals require you to say “You don’t seem to be making it in to the repeater. You might try a different location or more power?” If they don’t immediately become readable, say “you might try again later.” and continue with your list.

When you have acknowledged the stations on your list you should ask for more check ins, and provide a brief silence for stations to call in.

“This is [your callsign] are there any more check ins?”

Round one

When there are no more check ins, start round one at the top of your list. Perhaps: “(Callsign), what have you been up to with ham radio (name)?”

After 2 or 3 stations go, ask again for more check ins, put them at the end of the list.

When at the end of the list, offer YOUR check-in, and ask one more time for check ins, and let any new stations do round 1 immediately.

Further rounds

Round 2 is similar, and you may include Round 3 for any directed questions or comments.

After every two or three stations, briefly ask for more check ins.

When completely done, ask: “Are there any late check ins before we close the net” and let late check ins have their say as soon as they call in.

If there were late checkins… ASK AGAIN, there may be more!! Also, ask if there are any more directed questions or comments!

Finally say:

“The David Sarnoff Radio Club Net is closed at (TIME), thank you all. This is [your callsign]