Visiting DSRC Field Day site

By | June 21, 2024

The David Sarnoff Radio Club welcomes visitors to our site with a few caveats:

  1. Attend with an attitude for safety. The electronics and antennas can cause harm if touched or disturbed
  2. Supervise Children and those who cannot be responsible for their actions
  3. Bring and drink water. It is hot.
  4. Obey warnings of hazardous weather and other dangers.
  5. Ask questions but please don’t interrupt communications.


“Rockingham Site” was a former location of Rockingham, Washington’s last wartime headquarters. Now it is Somerset County Open Space off of Route 518

From Rocky Hill: Route 518 one mile east of Rocky Hill bridge UP the hill.
Turn Left at the second left turn– the one that doesn’t have a wooden gate There will be signs by the road, and yellow cones.

From Kendall Park, NJ: Take NJ Route 27 South,
Turn Right onto Route 518 (Georgetown-Franklin Turnpike) to the west.
After the level part of Route 518, the farms will give way to forest.

There is a double driveway on the right, take the further (gravel) driveway up the hill and curve to the LEFT. There will be signs by the road, and yellow cones.

Note that there is no building at this address, just a parking area in Somerset County parkland. Some GPS software doesn’t like the address above. As a last resort, simply go to Rocky Hill, NJ and head east on Route 518.

GPS can be inaccurate:
Try: 122 Georgetown-Franklin Turnpike, Princeton, NJ 08540 (make sure you GPS does NOT say “Skillman”)
Others claim that the address is:
108 Georgetown-Franklin turnpike, Princeton, NJ 08540 (though this may be east of the location.

Look for the signs on Route 518, that is the best way!!
You can also find it using the lat,lon: 40.40267649776452, -74.61275770727383


Visitors are welcome any time after 2 PM on Saturday, and perhaps Noon-2 PM on Sunday.


We will tell you a bit about amateur radio (“Ham Radio”) also show you the equipment used for talking across the USA or beyond.

We may offer you a chance to speak into the microphone and even talk to someone at another Field Day Station.

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