Pi Day Special Event


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What are we celebrating?

Happy Pi Day, 2022!, March 14th is “3.14” (Universal Time)

The David Sarnoff Radio Club will host a special event station on March 14, 2022 in conjunction with the Princeton Pi Day & Einstein Birthday Party that will be held in Princeton New Jersey.

Einstein’s birthday was March 14th, the numeric approximation of Pi! Princeton, NJ celebrates their long-time resident and the amazing coincidence like no other city on earth! There are many celebrations in the Princeton area, from PIE eating to Pi recitation to Albert Einstein costumes…

The David Sarnoff Radio Club, a club in the Princeton area, will join in the celebration with an amateur radio special event station. This allows everyone to join in the fun!

When and How are We Celebrating in 2022?

N3P Π Day Special Event Station – Princeton, New Jersey – 3.14.22

On March 13th and 14th contact our Special Event Station, Callsign: N3P (November three Papa) We will, of course, use UNIVERSAL TIME for this special event. Listen for us on the air starting 0000 UTC, which is 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, through 7:59 PM Monday.

Give us a call and tell us what State/Province/Country you are celebrating in — that’s the only exchange we need!

Where Can You Find N3P on the Air?

We will use “Pi-Like” frequencies:

14.031 MHz
14.314 MHz
7.031 MHz
7.227 MHz (enjoy figuring that connection out]!- think ratios!)
If conditions are good, we may be on other bands.. go ahead, work us twice!
Also, look for N3P on standard FT8 and FT4 frequencies…
and on our repeater in Princeton: 146.460 +1MHz

Our QST entry:

03/14/2022 | PI Day – David Sarnoff Radio Club, Princeton, NJ Mar 14, 0000Z-2359Z,
N3P, Burlington, NJ. David Sarnoff Radio Club.
14.031 MHz 14.314 MHz 7.031 MHz 7.227 MHz.
QSL. Don Corrington, 7 Pinewald Lane, Burlington, NJ 08016-3421.

What’s in it for You?

Contact us on the air! We will QSL. Here is an example QSL card from”Super” Pi Day 3.14.15. QSL via the address above or via LOTW

N2RE Super Pi Day