MORE Project Course Materials (thru June 2022)

This page contains lecture slides and Q&A materials used in the MORE Project Course, arranged by class sessions. Some files are large, please be patient during downloading.

The MORE Project course materials are organized in accordance with Dan Romanchik’s No Nonsense Technician Class Study Guide (July 2018 to June 2022 Edition), which can be downloaded at <>.

Session 1 — Introduction to the MORE Course; Electrical Principles

Session 2 — Electronic Components & Circuit Diagrams; Radio Wave Characteristics

Session 3 — Antennas & Feed Lines; Amateur Radio Signals

Session 4 — Electrical Safety; Radio Practices & Station Setup; Station Equipment

Session 5 — Operating Procedures; HF & VHF Operations

Session 6 — Q&A Review; Test Taking Tips

Session 7 — FCC Technician License Exam

Session 8 — Get On The Air