Field Day Participation & COVID-19

By | June 24, 2021

This year we will set up on private property, and not in a public place. This is out of extreme caution regarding COVID-19 and safety of members. So there are rules for participation:

Proposed Rules 2021

  1. Club members (and immediate family accompanying them) who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and have no symptoms of COVID-19 are welcome to participate as operators, helpers, loggers. Others may participate from home as part of the club’s “Aggregate Score”, but may not come onto the Field Day site.
  2. All participants must sign the log and certify that they have been vaccinated and are currently without symptoms. For operators, this is also the Field Day operators list. Unfortunately, children too young to be vaccinated may not participate, but members may show their visiting masked children the operations in a safe manner (per CDC.)
  3. Unlike other years-   this is not a public place, so no visitors, other than club members who sign the log as a visitor.   
  4. Even if you have been vaccinated, bring a mask and don’t come if feeling sick or having a fever.
  5. Even if you have been vaccinated, and are outdoors, keep 3′ social distance and clean the equipment between users. You may want to bring your own key… if you are a CW op!
  6. Everyone logged in accepts responsibility for keeping these rules, and speaking up.
    [Revised to clarify that un-vaccinated children may “visit” with a responsible parent in a safe way]

While you are at it:

  1. Bring a long sleeved shirt, it’ll get cold at night
  2. Bring insect repellent
  3. Bring a hat
  4. Bring a chair you would like to operate in… and maybe a cushion
  5. If you have a badge with name and callsign, bring and wear that!