Field Trip to Battleship 2022

By | August 4, 2022

Visit the New Jersey, Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Picture of the battleship in 2004. N2CTW photo.

About the Battleship and Ham Radio

The Battleship New Jersey ( has been open as a museum since 2001. Some of us remember when the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station ( was being formed with the help of the Victor Amateur Radio Association. We even had a visit from Joe Cramer N2XYZ, back in 2001, to recruit volunteers.

At that time the ship had just been towed to Camden from Seattle. It had been decommissioned, and all useful equipment removed. Since then thousands of volunteer hours have been spent restoring the interior and creating interpretive displays showing the history of the ship, from World War II to the 1970s.

The museum has become a fixture in the Philly/Camden tourism circuit. It’s time we go down and see the ship, and especially the radio room and Amateur Radio Station on board.

August 13th Visit

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022
Time: Arrive 10 AM or so. Stay at least until 1 PM or so
Costs: Admission, parking, travel
What to do: Self-guided tour, visit NJ2BB station, get on the air, celebrate WWII Victory Day.

What Will We Do?

Tour the ship!

There is a self-guided tour of the ship, which can be done at your own pace. That Saturday is also “WWII Victory Day Aboard the Battleship ” which means there will be special presentations and demonstrations, not related to our visit (see this calendar link)

Antennas on the superstructure (2004 photo) n2ctw

Visit the Radio Room

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Club (NJ2BB.ORG) has invited us to come behind the scenes and off the normal tour route to see theirradio room (FACCON 2) and get on the air. Plans are to be on 40 Meters during our visit, and perhaps other bands. While 20 Meters will probably not make it up to Princeton, 40 Meters should be able to reach via ground wave. The battleship has very good antennas!

We are still figuring out how to arrange groups going to FACCON 2, as the station can only accomodate 3 operators at a time.

If you want to operate, bring your own headphones. 1/4″ or 1/8″ jacks? check back here later. Each operating position is capable of phone and cw, and bring your own key if operating CW. As a special treat, we may be able to operate using their WW2 (CW only) equipment. check back here later!

Bring an HT for coordinating with others in our group going in and out, let’s use 146.55 direct. (we will update with more details later too.)

Can’t Make it?

Listen for us on 40 meters (and perhaps other bands– will update this page later) using NJ2BB. Sometimes their 2 Meter station can reach the DSRC Repeater, too. Chances are good that operating times will be around noon.

Say you are coming!

Please leave a comment on this page to say you will (probably) come. That will help us plan visits to the shack.



Admission and self-guided tour is $25 for adults $20 for kids.


There are several parking areas, though the special event on the ship may fill many of the close parking lots. Also, don’t forget to donate a dollar if you take the Tramcar Shuttle!

Mass Transit:

You can take the RiverLIne light rail to the waterfront (link) from Trenton to Camden. the line terminates just outside the Battleship. It’s 67 minutes from Trenton, costing all of $1.60 each way ($0.75 for seniors.) Trains leave every half hour. How much gasoline can you buy for $3.20? Here’s a map: RiverLine (link)

Bring exact change for the ticket machine, and don’t forget to get your ticket stamped before you board.
Consider parking in Bordentown (link), or any of the other RiverLine lots (see link for more options)


Their website doesn’t advertise any food on board. You may want to bring a water bottle and something to snack on. (this may be updated, check back before you come)

Tell others you will be there

Leave name or callsign, number in your party, and perhaps intended arrival time. This will help us plan the visits to the radio room. (Alternative: send a note to Charlie or Don, and we might remember that you did.) (click here if comment field is not visible)

6 thoughts on “Field Trip to Battleship 2022

  1. Charlie Dieterich Post author

    N2CTW – 1 person- should arrive by 10:30 via RiverLine

  2. Pete Greene

    I should be able to attend. As a volunteer and BNJARS member, I can help Rich in the Radio Room if needed.

    There are two local repeaters that can be used for coordination since simplex might pose problems in Camden. The Cherry Hill repeater (145.37- PL 91.5) is available (I’m the trustee), and the Camden repeater (146.82- PL 131.8).


    WA2BSP– 1 person- should arrive also by about 10:30

  4. Robert Bagienski

    I am disabled and I heard there is alot of walking.

    1. Charlie N2CTW

      Robert, I do not know the answer to this. I suggest you call the Battleship itself. I do know that there are elebators to get you to the main deck, and the radio room is on the main deck. I do not know if that’s enough for your particular disability. We will be going back to the radio room as a group, which may help.
      They do host events with veterans, including those with disabilites, so I suspect they have developed accomodations.

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