Ideas for DSRC club items?

At the March 2021 meeting members collected a list of areas that they were interested in, as well as things the Radio Club might do.

This page, currently unlinked with the system, and password protected, has the list we generated, as copied down hurredly by me, Charlie D. N2CTW.

Can you clarify some of these project ideas (perhaps saying I copied them down wrong?) If so, I think you can leave a comment!!

Ham Radio has so much to offer! We can do our part getting folks interested in:

  • Project Night
  • SDR Receiver on the web
  • SDR (in general)
  • Virtual hang out RFgate/ Dig net (spelling??)
  • 220 repeater / Raise money
  • Satellite modes
  • Club Station/ loaner equipment to Get On The Air!
  • Meet in Person
  • Additional Digital Modes
  • Virtual Workstation
  • Packet again (Packet Revival?)
  • Training net
  • Getting folks on the air
  • Satellites (needs clarification)

I won’t leave the comments open for more than a few days, but let’s see what else comes up… your turn!

Note: Comments are moderated, so they won’t show up immediately… maybe tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Ideas for DSRC club items?

  1. Charlie N2CTW

    Yes, folks can comment on this post. You do need to give an email address, but it won’t be published.
    To have a web SDR, like OpenWebRX, we’d have to have a public-access web address for the receiver. Anyone got any possibilities for that?

  2. Don

    I think that it is time for a meeting of the officers. These are all good topics.

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