NYC Marathon 2022

By | November 6, 2022

On Sunday, November 6, 2022 47,839 finishers participated in the New York City Marathon.

Two members of the David Sarnoff Radio Club were also winners that day, providing radio communications to the runners, the medical units, suppliers and others — and having a great time.

There are 47,841 stories in the big city. This is two of them:
John, KD2AAR and Laura, K2WWF

The post is dated Nov. 2022, but was composed in Feb. 2023.

Here’s What They Saw

Laura in place by one of the medical tents.

Laura says: We were helping bridge communications between: runners in need, the Mile 19 medical tent, and the central radio command for the race.

We helped call for stretchers/EMTs, medical supplies, or feed info on the status of the runners (especially as they drop out of the marathon).

Laura K2WWF views the race from East 117th street.

The race is run in several divisions, and lasted all day.

K2WWF views a different runner division.

Here’s John, arriving on scene by subway (the best way to get to your location)

John KD2AAR wearing boots and dressing warmly for marathon day
KD2AAR takes a selfie as runners pass by…

Who Wants to Volunteer for 2023?

Laura notes: “If you are interested in volunteering for the main 2023 NY marathon event, please note John F and I volunteered at Mile 19. The sign up may ask what part of the route you’d prefer to be stationed. No guarantee it’s the final assignment, but it’s fun to work together. Also, it asks your group — pick the one mentioning ham radio operators.”

For those that might be interested in volunteering for 2023 the website is: look for “Sunday, November 5th TCS New York City Marathon

As of February, 2023, volunteer signup was not opened. When signups are available we will announce the signup opportunity on our DSRC Email Group on