Winter Field Day 2023 Wrap-up

By | January 31, 2023

Our first attempt at “Winter” Field Day, on the last weekend of January, 2023. Seven operators and several helpers from the club made the weekend special! Here are some photos!

Setting up for Winter Field Day (K2WWF)

We started setting up three hours before the contest began. Thanks to Cushla and Fran for letting us use their tents! (and Fran for the dining canopy.)

(Fran, KD2YMX photo)
WA2EHN, KD2YMX, NG2V take a break (N2CTW)

Next came the antennas, including a 6 Meter dipole, an Off Center Fed dipole, and a “Mini-G5RV”

N2VVL, NG2V and N2CTW pull some strings (KD2YMX)
Off center fed HF dipole up in the trees.
An Off-Center fed Dipole for 40-10 (K2WWF)
A new “Mini-G5RV” for upper HF (K2WWF)
The zip cord 6 meter dipole and OCF dipole (KD2YMX)

We set up the logging software and got on the air

Logging in Cushla’s Tent (K2WWF)
NG2V on HF (K2WWF)

And time to read the manuals!


Antenna tuners are your friends!

Josh’s tuner helped a lot. (K2WWF)

As the sun set, Ben AC2YD added a “Mop Handle Vertical” to our collection of antennas.

The circle of grond wires and Ben AC2YD adjusting the vertical. (WB2WCO)
The Charlies, WA2EHN and N2CTW on 15 Meters (K2WWF)

And two CW stations made the bulk of our contact points.

Ben AC2YD at the key (KD2TCH)
K2WWF took a video of Ben making a contact

We worked into the evening, but didn’t have 80/75 Meters, so we gave up when the upper bands died.

Nighttime for Winter Field Day (K2WWF)
On 10 Meters KD2TCH and N2CTW (K2WWF)
K2WWF and KD2TCH on 10 meters (N2CTW)

Sunday we added a full-sized G5RV and a VHF/UHF antenna and made a few more contacts. But by noon we were starting to pack up.

Cushla, KD2TCH asks “Who didn’t take their chair?” (N2CTW)

Thanks to our photographers: Cushla KD2TCH, Laura K2WWF, Charlie N2CTW, Fran KD2YMX and Jeff WB2WCO.

That’s a wrap.