Ham Cram and License Exam Session – TCF 2022

By | March 15, 2022

The Trenton Computer Festival TCF 2022 will return as a virtual event on Saturday, March 19, 2022 and DSRC will again sponsor a virtual versions of the Ham Cram and Exam Session.

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The David Sarnoff Radio Club has supported a “Ham Cram” amateur radio Technician License class. This is followed by a License Exam session at the annual Trenton Computer Festival since at least 1998 (that’s how far back our collection of club newsletters extends!)

In March 2020, TCF was canceled for the first time in its 45-year history because of the outbreak of the then-new novel coronavirus. By March 2021, large gatherings such as TCF were still restricted, so the TCF planning committee decided to conduct a virtual TCF using Zoom. DSRC agreed to sponsor a virtual version of the Ham Cram and License Exam Session.

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