Woodlot Park selected for Winter Field Day

By | January 23, 2024

Our Winter Field Day “learning experience” will take place on January 27 and 28, at Woodlot Park in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey. The park is operated by South Brunswick and only open from dawn to dusk. As such, we will be packing up on Saturday and re-deploying on Sunday morning.

Woodlot Park is on New Road, between NJ Route 27 and US Route 1, about half way between Trenton and New Brunswick, NJ. This is about 7 miles north of the “Princeton Circle”/Washington Road. Turn off US 1 at the Taco Bell, heading toward Kendall Park.

Our setup will be in or next to the parking lot approximately under the letters “lot” in Woodlot.

Think of this as two EmComm deployments…

Because it is in a public park we have to obey park rules. We will only be in the park during daylight hours, so no late night DX. We will pack up Saturday night and re-deploy on Sunday morning. We also can not use a generator, so we will use the electric power provided by the park. Don’t worry, our generator will get a work out this summer. Also, the park has rest rooms in a nearby building!!

Sunday will be rainy. Saturday will be nice (we hope!) Sunday we may set up down the hill in a covered area. This may limit us to QRP.

For digital contacts we will set up PSK-31 on 14070+, 28120+, and maybe 7070+ and the frequency on 15… maybe 21070? WFD gives multipliers for talking on lots of different band/mode combinations.

146.55, 58 and 52 for FM contacts locally. Perhaps also 223.50 or 223.52 and 446.0 or 446.025 for someone local.

For more on Winter Field Day, see their website https://winterfieldday.org/