Working on it

By | November 14, 2020

Thinking about:

  • List of links to useful ham software
  • Documents from talks
  • images from field days and other events
  • bylaws?
  • ARRL should be “open in new window” not menu item
    • Same with QRZ page
  • Pi Day 2021
  • Trenton Computer Fest Ham Cram.
  • Contests in the list… at least some of the lists…
    • that’s where the tag cloud comes in?
  • Categories can be assigned to blog items, should match the events tags.
  • Bug for Space Weather
  • Links for call sign lookup.
  • FAQ:What is N2RE? What is David Sarnoff? Why the radio club?
  • Repeater information. [Started by Charlie]
  • Chat? I wonder if that could work… Minnit is one simple choice.

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